Work hard.  Play hard.  Family first.  Teamwork. 

At Five Lakes Products, these 4 principles are part of our everyday life.  Nobody here is afraid of hard work.  Long hours, get the job done.  We also know how to have a good time.  As a family owned business, there can be some tense times, but when the dust settles, let’s go have some fun.  As a bunch of former athletes, we know the importance of teamwork.  We know the power of working as a team.  Everyone here has a role, a special skill set, which contributes to our overall success.  But, none of us are above pitching in with whatever it takes to get the job done.
With over 30 years’ experience in the pet industry, we have a finger on the pulse of what pet owners and their pets are looking for.  We have been involved in wholesale distribution, importing, retail, and manufacturing.  This experience has brought us to where we are today, and the products we offer.  Many are Made in the USA, All-Natural treats.  We also offer what we feel are the Best Flavored and Natural Rawhide Treats in the country.
In addition, our experiences have led us to 2 new categories: Jerky and Hunter Sticks for humans, and CBD products for humans and pets.  Both of these categories involved years of research to find what we feel are World Class manufacturers.  They both produce products for us that we will put against any similar products around.   Absolutely the best!
So, take a look at what we have to offer.  We look forward to becoming a new member of your team.


We are located at our warehouse located in Burton, MI. If you would like to know more please visit out “Contact Us” page for more details.

We are a family owned and operated company that strive for excellence and success.

Every single one of us that work here either currently own or have owned a pet. We understand the importance of making sure our pets receive the best quality treats and toys. With that being said we want to give everyone the opportunity to provide their four legged loved ones the same quality in their pet treats.


We look forward to becoming a new member of your team.