Welcome to Five Lakes Products Affiliate Program

If you would like to make some extra money promoting our products, we tried to make it a simple process.

  1. Sign up with the Five Lakes Products Affiliate Program, which automatically generates your URL (Website address). For instance, if your user name is “HappyFeet”, your URL would be fivelakesproducts.com/HappyFeet.   When someone enters your website address, it will go to the Five Lakes Products website, and that person will be connected to you.
  2. Create an awareness campaign using e-mail, texting, and social media promoting your Five Lakes Products URL (Website address). This e mail, text, etc. can be forwarded to all of your friends and family, who can again forward it to their family and friends.


Once this is done, we do the rest!

  1. Your URL automatically links any potential customers to your account. Customers place orders online using credit card or PayPal.
  2. Five Lakes Products sends orders directly to the customer’s home via UPS.
  3. You will earn 40% of all orders, paid directly into your bank account. You will have a dashboard on your website, where you can follow all activity and sales. 
  4. So, if someone orders $25 in product, you will earn 40% of $25, or $10.00. If they order $50 in product, you will earn $20.00, if they order $100, you will earn $40.00.  $1,000 in sales will generate $400.00 in commissions!
  5. All shipping charges are paid by the customer. Commissions are paid on product purchases only.

In addition, customers can place an ongoing order using our “Autoship” option, which will automatically be shipped to the customer as often as they like- weekly, every other week, or monthly.  You will earn commissions on an ongoing basis with this option.   Why would customers want this option??   Because we offer 4 categories of consumable products that many people want day after day. 

 Five Lakes Jerky and Hunter Sticks are Premium Meat Snacks. 

Great Lakes Pet Treats for your best friend.


It really is that simple!

Sign up, then promote your Five Lakes Products Website.

We do the rest!

Five Lakes Jerky and Hunter Sticks


High Protein! Gluten Free!
No Nitrites! Amazing Taste!

Dog Treats

Many items Made in the USA!
Rawhide Dog Treats!



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